Our Mission

The Mission of Nirvan Hospital [Emotions Care] is:-


  • To provide quality healthcare in Neuro-Psychiatric and Addicitive Disorders with compassion, efficiency and excellence applying and sharing new technologies ensuring safety of treatment during patient's stay, promoting an environment of continuous quality improvement and complying with statutory regulations

  • To promote an environment in the hospitalthat facilitates protection of patient's rights and commitment towards patientcare including preventive healthcare practices in addition to the treatment applications without discriminations of religion, language, race and gender.

  • To work as per ISO standards to minimize error and better patient care to provide quality health careservices to all its patients.

  • To set benchmarks of excellence in advanced,Hi-tech multi disciplinary medical services in World, offering high quality healthcare and tertiary care facilities providing efficient access to affordable medical care.

  • To become a Zonal Center providing Medical Care with facilities to diagnose individual cases, handle cases fit for treatment at the Hospital, treat deserving patients.

  • To increase awareness among the people about various neuro psychological disorders and drug/ alcohol abuse and their adverse affect on Physical, Mental, Social, Marital, Employment, Children’s Education and their Personality Development. To reduce/minimize the drug/alcohol demand and to remove stigma attached to addicts /mental patients.

  • Alcohol and Drug addiction is a common menace which not only ruins the person himself but also his entire family and the society. The hospital was started in the year 1990 with the aim of diagnosing, motivating, counseling, detoxifying and rehabilitating the alcoholics and other drug abusers.

  • Alcoholism is psychosomatic disease, which is recognized by World Health Organization and this can be treated by providing proper medication and psychotherapy like detoxification, Counseling, family programme and some other therapies which take a period of six months. Treatment will be done using following various therapies in addition to medical treatment.